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Level V Surgical Pathology


Synonyms: Biopsy, Gross and Microscopic Pathology, Microscopic Section, Pathologic Examination, Pathology, Skin Lesion(s) Tissue Examination, Surgical Pathology, Tissue Pathology

Gross and microscopic examination
Specimen Required

Tissue specimen in 10% buffered neutral formalin solution or prepared slide or fresh tissue in container on wet ice.

Gross and microscopic examination:
Adrenal, resection
Bone – biopsy, curettings
Bone Fragments, pathologic fracture
Brain, biopsy
Brain/Meninges, tumor resection
Breast, excision of with microscopic evaluation of marigns
Breast, Mastectomy, partial/simple
Cervix, conization
Colon, segmental resection, other than for tumor
Extremity, Amputation, non-traumatic
Eye, enucleation
Kidney, partial/total nephrectomy
Larynx, partial/total resection
Liver Biopsy, needle/wedge
Liver, partial resection
Lung, wedge biopsy
Lymph Nodes, regional resection
Mediastinum, mass
Myocardium, biopsy
Odontogenic Tumor
Ovary, with or without Tube, neoplastic
Pancreas, biopsy
Prostate, except radical resection
Salivary Gland
Sentinel Lymph Node
Small Intestine, resection other than for tumor
Soft Tissue Mass (except lipoma), biopsy/simple excision
Stomach, subtotal/total resection, other than for tumor
Testis, biopsy
Thymus, tumor
Thyroid, total/lobe
Ureter, resection
Uterus, other than neoplasm/prolapse

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