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Level VI Surgical Pathology


Synonyms: Biopsy, Gross and Microscopic Pathology, Microscopic Section, Pathologic Examination, Pathology, Skin Lesion(s) Tissue Examination, Surgical Pathology, Tissue Pathology

Gross and microscopic examination
Specimen Required

Tissue specimen in 10% buffered neutral formalin solution or prepared slide or fresh tissue in container on wet ice.

Gross and microscopic examination:
Bone Resection
Breast, mastectomy with regional lymph nodes
Colon, segmental resection for tumor
Colon, total resection
Esophagus, partial/total resection
Extremity, disarticulation
Larynx, partial/total resection with regional lymph nodes
Lung, total/lobe/segment resection
Pancreas, total/subtotal resection
Prostate, radical resection
Small Intestine, resection for tumor
Soft Tissue Tumor, extensive resection
Stomach, total/subtotal resection for tumor
Testis, tumor
Tongue/Tonsil, resection for tumor
Urinary Bladder, partial, total resection
Uterus, with or without ovaries, neoplastic
Vulva, total/subtotal resection

CPT Code(s)