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Routine Blood Tests


We offer multiple blood tests including a full wellness panel, CBC, metabolic count, allergies, hormones and more. Our state-of-the-art lab with the latest technology allows us to effectively deliver blood results that are most important for patients and providers.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test

The total blood tally (CBC) is one of the most requested blood tests. To comprehend this test, realize that blood comprises of two significant parts: plasma and cell components. The plasma is the piece of the blood that is fluid which permits the blood to stream effectively. The other piece of the blood comprises of platelets.

The significant cells in the blood are white platelets (WBC), red platelets (RBC), and platelets. Every one of these kinds of cells completes explicit and significant capacities.

The total blood tally test quantifies the amount of all the various kinds of cells in the blood. It likewise gives some significant data on different parameters identified with each sort of platelet

Additional Blood Tests


At TOPLAB® we offer multiple blood tests to providers including allergies, hormones and much more. For more information on specific blood testing, please contact us at 877-355-3580.

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TOPLAB® 's Toxicological services gives healthcare professionals an expanded menu of drug / drug metabolites. As your drug testing provider, we offer a full line of toxicology and drug testing solutions that enable informed decisions. When you join TOPLAB® ask about our FREE TOPLAB® toxicology poster for your office. Helping patients understand prescription and recreational drug use time tables

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