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Surgical Pathology Testing


At TOPLAB® we understand the importance of your patients diagnosis. Our advanced pathology lab team can help test and monitor specimens to help aid in your patients diagnosis. Our pathologists are highly qualified to study changes in tissues caused by diseases.

Why Histopathology?


Can help distinguish the difference between malignant and benign tissues (cancer)


Detection of early changes in genetics


Gain better knowledge on the diseased tissue being observed

TOPLAB® advancements in technology

Surgical pathology includes both the physical exam of the tissue with the naked eye, as well as examining processed tissue under a microscope. Our new techniques allow us to also examine tissue and cell specimens involving molecular diagnostics (DNA/RNA analysis). This involves analyzing DNA and proteins in the blood. 


    Skin Biopsies
    Punch biopsies of Skin for Neoplastic
    Inflammatory Condition Testing
    Excisional Biopsies of Skin
    Molecular testing including Melanoma

    Dermatologist applying bandage
    Oesophagus cross section tissue in microscope

    Oral Nasopharyngeal Pathology

    Oral I Gingival / Tooth
    Tonsils / Adenoids
    Vocal Cord / Nasopharyngeal Biopsies
    Respiratory Pathogen Panel PCR
    Obstetric / Gynecologic

    Podiatric / Orthopedic Pathology

    Bunions / Hammertoes
    Arthroscopic Biopsies / Curetting
    Bone Biopsies / Cultures

    Bunion treatment
    Jejunal mucosa

    Gastrointestinal Pathology

    Esophageal Biopsies
    Gastric Biopsies
    Intestinal Biopsies / Liver Biopsies
    Anal Fistulas / Hemorrhoids
    Colorectal cancer mutations
    Microsatellite Instability testing
    Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel PCR
    H. pylori Breath Test


    Vulva / Vaginal Biopsies
    Cervical / Endocervical Biopsies / Curettings
    Endometrial Biopsies I Curettings
    Ovarian / Tubal Biopsies / Breast Biopsies
    Bacterial Vaginosis Panel PCR
    CT/NG and STI PCR

    Gynecologist performing pelvic exam
    Kidney cross section in microscope

    Urologic Pathology

    Bladder/ Urethral Biopsies
    Prostate Biopsies / TUR
    Ureteral Biopsies/ Foreskin
    Uro Vysion Fish / Cytology
    Urinary Tract Infection and ABS Profile

    Molecular Pathology

    Lymphoma workup including Flow/
    immunophenotyping and Cytogenetics
    KRAS, BRAF AND EGFR Mutation Analysis
    BCR-ABL Quantitative PCR
    NGS testing for Solid Tumors

    (Cancer Hotspot Panel) and AML Panel Chronic Myeloid Leukemia {RT-PCR) Hereditary (Genetic) Screening Hemochromatosis (HFE Gene Testing) BRCA Hereditary Testing for Breast Cancer

    Non-small cell lung cancer and molecular model

    Why TOPLAB® is Your Top Choice For Pathology Testing

    Our processes are designed for readily available results

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    Quick turnaround testing

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    View results anywhere with our secure online lab portal

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    Local pickup services available


    Easily access patient lab test results online via the portal anywhere, anytime

    Computer monitor showing TOPLAB® Doctor Portal
    TOPLAB® drug use timetable



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