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Toxicology | Employee Drug Screening


Testing employees and employee candidates for the presence of drugs and alcohol is a vital part of staying compliant in certain industries, and it can be a helpful tool for maintaining the safety and security of your business. TOPLAB® offers fast, accurate employee drug screening services that employers can count on. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in New Jersey, but we are the trusted toxicology test provider for businesses across the nation. See how we can empower your employment decision-making today.

Why Test Employees and Potential Hires for Drugs?

Drug and alcohol screening is an effective deterrent, stopping some employees from coming to the job impaired because they know it can lead to termination of employment. It also serves to deter drug and alcohol abusers from seeking employment with your company. Substance abusers are high-risk employees who, if hired, can affect the profitability and safety of your organization. Workplace problems associated with employees who abuse drugs and alcohol include:

  • Increased absenteeism, tardiness, and sleeping on the job
  • Poor performance and decision-making
  • Theft
  • Increased likelihood of conflict between coworkers and supervisors
  • Lower morale
  • Increased likelihood of workplace accidents

For some organizations, testing employees is a critical part of staying compliant with industry rules and regulations. For instance, organizations that work on federally funded projects are required to have drug-free workplace policies. Industries, such as construction, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, all regularly benefit from the use of employee drug screening due to the increased safety and security risks of hiring employees who abuse drugs and alcohol.

As many as 35 million drug tests are administered every year in the United States, significantly reducing workplace injuries and loss of productivity.

TOPLAB® Offers Simple, Non-Invasive Drug Screening Test Kits

TOPLAB® provides clients with two easy-to-use options for collecting samples from their employees or potential hires. They are both non-invasive and delivered directly to your door.

Urine Sample Drug Screening Kit

The urine drug screening kit is a simple, yet reliable way to collect samples from your employees. Simply have them follow the instructions for collection, fill out the paperwork, and return the samples to our lab.

Urine lab testing containers
Oral lab testing containers

Oral Fluid Drug Screening Kit

The oral fluid collection kit is a reliable, innovative, and easy-to-use testing method. It makes collecting samples from employees quick and simple, and it provides accurate results regarding the presence of drugs and alcohol.

Whichever drug screening method you choose to use, TOPLAB® provides the results fast, so you can make your employment decisions as soon as possible. We even offer a secure online portal where you can view test results.

Manage Your Employee Drug Screening with TOPLAB®

Because of our reliability, accuracy, and fast turnaround, businesses all over the U.S. trust us to provide them with the drug screening services they need to successfully hire and manage their employees. TOPLAB® is a smaller lab, which means we provide solutions to match our clients’ unique testing needs. If your business is located in New Jersey and New York, we can also offer you local pickup services.

To start receiving fast, accurate drug screening results you can rely on, become a TOPLAB® client today by contacting us at 877-355-3580.

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TOPLAB® 's Toxicological services gives healthcare professionals an expanded menu of drug / drug metabolites. As your drug testing provider, we offer a full line of toxicology and drug testing solutions that enable informed decisions. When you join TOPLAB® ask about our FREE TOPLAB® toxicology poster for your office. Helping patients understand prescription and recreational drug use time tables

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